Known as The Old Breed, the First Marine Division has fought in (and been posted to) "every clime and place" since we were activated in early 1941.  We've earned a proud record but being victorious in combat has a fierce, unyielding cost.  Our bonds were forged in the sacrificial fires of such combat.

Having paid their share of that price, our long-time members are ready and willing to assist new members who have also paid their share of what it costs to serve as a Marine or serve in support of us.  We are Brothers and Sisters.  We enrich each other.  Each Other.  That's the meaning of Semper Fi.

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"Waltzing Matilda"

"Waltzing Matilda" is the unofficial anthem of the First Mar Div born from our stays in Australia in 1942 before Guadalcanal and 1943 after Guadalcanal.  For our WW2 brothers, this song evoked an everlasting chord of kinship with those down under who were like a big family with odd ways.  Aussies are #1.

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No association will thrive (or survive) if members are lax in reaching out to bring in new members.  This is especially true of very large groups based on a period of military service where veterans served at very different times.  The challenge is to unite older vets with younger vets in order to re-energize the group.

FMDA faces the same challenge.  We must recruit more post-Vietnam vets in order to re-energize our group and to expand and deepen the camaraderie that we all value so much.  Many of us have been FMDA members for decades.  Let's take on the mission of bringing in more of our post-Vietnam fellow Marines.

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Feel free to contact any of those who volunteer their effort and time in behalf of the Association to serve on our Executive Committee.  We could not function without them.  Some of these guys have been active in leadership roles for decades.  They make possible the reunions that allow us to renew our bond. 

President (Acting) - Jerry Johs

Jerry Johs, FMDA President (Acting) 22 Pollari Road Raymond, WA 98577 (503) 784-7697 geronamo0122@gmail.com

Vice President - A.J. Burn

A.J. Burn, FMDA Vice-President 107 Ervine Avenue Linwood, PA 19061-4315 (610) 494-5818 ajburn49@aol.com

Deputy VP East - Elmer Hawkins

Elmer Hawkins, Deputy VP - East 450 Basin Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114 (386) 679-3814 ehawkins23@aol.com

Deputy VP Central - William S. Godfrey

William S. Godfrey, Deputy VP - Central 591 Madison Avenue Chula Vista CA 91910 (816) 695-9700 wsgsr9454@aol.com

Deputy VP West - Larry. V. Miller

Larry V. Miller, Deputy VP - West 4021 North Dome Road Golden Valley, AZ 86413 (928) 919-4469 cpl.lmillerusmc@yahoo.com

Treasurer - Position to be filled

The position of FMDA Treasure is unfilled at present

Secretary - Pierre Sims

Pierre Sims, Secretary 841 West Birchtree Lane Claymont, DE 19703 (215) 605-0723 pierresims@comcast.net

Legal - James Allison

James Allison, Legal 475 N. Highland Street. Apt. 7-B Memphis, TN 38122 (901) 494-0206 jamestallison@att.net

Chaplain - Position to be filled

Denny Weisgerber has recently passed. We honor his many years of dedicated service. More info on this position soon.

Sgt-at-Arms - Tom Clark

Tom Clark, Sgt-at-Arms 197 Flying Mist Isle Foster City, CA 94404-1401 (215) 486-5053 home (215) 840-2257 cell no email is available for Tom

Dal East - Position to be filled

Doc Lakernick has recently passed. We honor his many years of dedicated service. More info on this position soon.

Dal Central - Jerry Corrento

Jerry Corrento, Dallas-Central 19 Cherry Lane Levittown, PA 19055-1603 (215) 486-5053 home (215) 840-2257 cell jcorrento@verizon.net

Dal West - Stephen C. Dulin

Stephen C. Dulin, Dallas-West 12876 Spring Meadow Drive Galt, CA 95632-9010 (209) 327-5902 deltaoscarcharlie@att.net




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