by Jud Blakely

I chose to get involved as FMDA's web guy in light of the timely help our daughter and son received from the Scholarship Fund.  Bless you, FMDA SF.  This was back in either late 2017 or early 2018.

My USMC career was 5 years active 1965-70: a platoon leader / XO with India 3-7 in '66-'67, a year at HQMC, two years as OSO for Oregon.  I rarely go to reunions of any kind.  Just not in my make-up.

Note: this particular website is a new version of the original website I designed in early 2018.  Most of you won't notice or won't care.  Fine by me.  I don't blame you.  If I were you, I wouldn't care.

Jud and Pete Grimm along DMZ copy 2.jpg

LT GM Jud Blakely

India Company 3-7 / XO

South Vietnam 1967 

7th marine regiment badge.png

7th Marines, 1st Mar Div

"Prepare to March"

Our Regimental Plaque 

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Jud and granddaughter

Web Design Team

Mobile, Alabama 2018 


I stepped up to take on this website project a few months after Jerry Johs stepped into the presidency of FMDA.  But Jerry didn't know me and I didn't know Jerry.  We were 100% not aware of each other.

What I noticed was a distinct change for the better in the tone and content of Blue Diamond News.  I wanted to know why. 

And so, I sent Jerry an email, told him how impressed I was by the abrupt change in The Blue Diamond, said "let's have a conversation." A few days later, we did.


Until then, my interaction with FMDA had been laser-focused on the details of scholarships for our daughter and son.  Before then, I hadn't been a member and FMDA was not part of my world.

Jerry's dedication to blunt candor and full transparency is what I respect.  He has a firm hold on where things stand and what FMDA must do ASAP.  Left undone, the Grim Reaper of Insolvency will harvest us.



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