by Jerry Johs, Acting President


2020.  What better year to see clearly, to think clearly, to plan clearly, and to forge ahead to strengthen and invigorate FMDA?  I mean, 2020 is a number, a symbol, we can rally around in behalf of our key priorities to grow, to become younger as an Association, and to ensure that we get aligned with post-Vietnam Marines.


But we can't grow the Association (in terms of new members) if we don't become "younger" in our ranks.  And we can't become younger if we don't grow by bringing in new waves of post-Vietnam Marines.  The nature of the challenge is about as clear as clear can be.  Our mission is to meet the challenge.  To succeed. 

As Marines, we are trained to succeed and we are dedicated to achieve success in each mission our unit is assigned.  "Doing our best" is laughed at.  The one and only standard of success as a Marine is success.  As FMDA members, we need to embrace that standard, meet our challenge, and just do what Marines do.


How soon (and how well) FMDA members meet this challenge will dictate how soon (and how well) our Association is able to renew and re-energize itself.  I have no doubt that we can achieve this mission.  I have no doubt that you and I will achieve this mission.  And so, lock and load, Marines.  Our mission is clear. 




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