Formed in 1947, FMDA was a means for First Mar Div Marines to associate with each other in behalf of each other.  All those who survived did not have to endure the gauntlet of scorn and ostracism faced by Vietnam vets...

...but many thousands felt like strangers in a strange land who "coped" with the dark effects of our experience by resort to silence, the intensities of hard work, and day to day obligations of family life.  The war, after all, was over.

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Except, of course, the war within them had not ended.  It was not over and it would never be over, not like a broken bone heals with proper care and the passing of time.  That was the context in which our Association came to be.  

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FMDA was a unique fraternity that gave First Mar Div Marines a personalized and local way to connect and share what they hadn't been willing or able to share.  The silence was broken by the camaraderie of our common bond.

For that's what Each Other is, our common bond of shared experience as Marines, the hidden, ambivalent embers of pain and pride so deep within us.  Who among us can fail to appreciate this?  Or doesn't wish a reprieve from it?



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