There are two questions that are merged into those two (apparently) simple words that comprise the title of this page: JOIN FMDA.  The first question is, in fact, simple.  The second question is not simple.

The simple question is Question One: How do I join FMDA?  But the other question depends on your own experience in the Corps, when you served, how long you served, etc: Why should I join FMDA?

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With regard to the question of how to join FMDA, click or tap here.  An explanation will appear (as a PDF) along with an application form that you can either (1) fill out on-line or (2) download, fill out, and mail to us.

You're eligible to join FMDA if you meet the requirements as stated in our Bylaws.  In short, you are eligible to join if you were assigned as a Marine to the First Mar Div or if you served in a support role... are also eligible to join FMDA as an Associate Member if you served as a Marine or a Corpsman who did not happen to serve in the First Mar Div...and we welcome, too, your wives and your children, etc. 

Many FMDA members served in other branches but were assigned to support the Division.  What matters is that you have an entry in your service record to confirm this.  Same goes for all Marines who apply to join.

FMDA also extends a most humble invitation to Gold Star spouses and to parents of those service-men and service-women who died in service to our country and who (if alive) would be eligible to join FMDA.

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Our Association is never more nor less than what our members choose to create or allow to happen.  We must now choose to regroup and rebuild FMDA.  Join now (today) and join in to carry on our mission.

Join now (today) so you and your peers can work with a new wave of members to reshape, reenergize, and rebuild the Association in accord with your vision of what FMDA should be, what FMDA could be.



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