Many of us within FMDA know there's not much appeal to coughing up $35 a year to become a member of a group dominated (in numbers) by Marines from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam.  But don't sweat the small things.

That's a small thing for this reason: you and the Marines you remain close to can simply form your own FMDA chapter based on (1) the USMC unit you served with or (2) based on that you simply want your own chapter.

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Just because there are FMDA chapters in cities and areas (here and there) across the country, that does not prevent you from founding a chapter.  Name it what you want.  The value lies in the camaraderie it ignites and allows. 

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As younger Marines, new social technology has bestowed on you many options to stay in touch and share aspects of your lives.  In fact, though, such options are quite superficial and cannot afford you what FMDA can.

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What FMDA affords you is a structure that exists and that you, therefore, don't have to bother to create.  The bureaucratic maze grows more complex from year to year.  As a result, it deters good things from being done.

Join FMDA.  Round up a total of at least 11 other First Mar Div Marines.  You need 12 to form a chapter but recruit as many members as you want.  Then begin the work to shape FMDA into what you believe it should be.



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