Structure and Process are what define groups and provide them with both legal substance and methods to change and adjust to new circumstances.  No group can remain legitimate if the structure and process that define it are flawed.

Process is designated by what is defined in the structure and creates methods by which leaders and members of a group can attempt to change the structure or alter how a particular part of the process is formulated and carried out.

The forming, operation, and conduct of FMDA chapters is spelled out in the words of the Bylaws of FMDA as well as how the Bylaws are interpreted.  Same goes for how FMDA committees are formed and function.  Our Bylaws govern us.




Bylaws are meant to govern all FMDA is allowed to do and how FMDA is allowed to go about doing it.  In effect, our Bylaws amount to our constitution.  We can't just dismiss or ignore a Bylaw to speed up something that "needs to be done."




Committees are responsible for keeping this or that aspect of FMDA operating in full accord with our Bylaws.  FMDA now consists of thirteen committees with our Executive Committee at the top.  They must all comply with our Bylaws.




Chapters have tended to form and function well for several years, then "run out of gas" and recede.  When leaders and members grow older and weaker in vision and dedication, that chapter will fade.  Note: many chapters are quite strong.



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