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Tom McLeod

PFC Dan Bullock was in Foxtrot 2-5 in 1969.  He enlisted when he was 14 years old although no one knew that.  His roots lay in North Carolina.

While making a bold attempt to get more ammo during an all-out attack on the An Hoa combat base on 7 June 1969, PFC Bullock was shot several times and killed instantly.  He was fifteen at the moment of his death.

When young Dan was buried, his true age finally came to light.  Because he used a false birth certificate in order to enlist, the USMC would judge his enlistment to be "fraudulent" and felt no formal obligation to highlight his actions.

As a result, PFC Bullock was buried in an unmarked grave where he would lie in obscurity for 21 years.  Fate then entered when Sally Jesse Raphael, a celebrity talk-show host, heard the story and paid for a fitting headstone.

PFC Dan Bullock was the youngest American to be killed in Vietnam.  It's long past time for the USMC to confer on Dan full military honors and any medals he earned by virtue of his service.  Rest in Peace, Dan.  Semper Fi, Marine.

(This message has been edited by Jud Blakely)




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