Local chapters were a core strength over many years until a number of them began to suffer from "age fatigue."  Too many members were roughly the same age and too few younger Marines had been made to feel wanted or welcome by FMDA.  We failed to reach out.  Simple as that.

Some chapters are robust and some just "chug along" while others are immobilized or defunct.  No chapter can be sustained or made stronger by the sun coming up.  Members need to act.  Has there ever been a Marine unit that didn't reflect (in full) the nature of its leaders?  Hell, no.


Western Region Chapters

Deputy VP - West James A. Fossos 20730 7th Avenue, South Des Moines, WA 98198 (206) 518-7075

Central Region Chapters

Deputy VP - Central William S. Godfrey 591 Madison Avenue Chula Vista, CA 91910 619 857-4875

Korea Chapters

For information on Korea chapters, please contact FMDA HQ: June Cormier (760) 763-3268

Eastern Region Chapters

Deputy VP - East Elmer Hawkins 450 Basin Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114 (386) 679-3814

Marine Unit Chapters

Any Marine unit (from a regiment to a squad) can create a chapter of its own as long as there are 12 members when the unit applies. We welcome (with open arms and a big smile) any units from any era desiring to do this. For information on Marine unit chapters, please contact FMDA HQ: June Cormier (760) 763-3268

Form a New Chapter

Forming new geographic and Marine-unit chapters is the most likely path ahead if FMDA is to survive and be fully restored as a crossroads and unifying venue for each generation of Marines across the years. For information on forming new chapters, please contact FMDA HQ: June Cormier (760) 763-3368

But FMDA is not merely a federation of chapters, we are a body of members who can either (1) join FMDA and choose to belong to a chapter; (2) join FMDA and choose not to belong to a chapter or (3) join FMDA and form a brand new chapter.  To form a new chapter takes a couple of steps.

There is nothing to prevent you from joining FMDA and then forming a new chapter with at least twelve (12) members.  Keep this in mind: members can belong to more than one chapter.  Interested?  Go to our Form a New Chapter page.  Note: Marine units can create their own chapters.



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