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The Bylaws of FMDA provide for us both structure and a process.  They create the consistency that any group must have in order to remain a legitimate group.  We can't exist in legitimate form if we don't respect our Bylaws (all of them) and follow them to "the letter" all the time.

What this implies is that we can't simply ignore a complicating Bylaw even if we believe that such a Bylaw stands in the way of something that seems (obviously) to need doing.  We can always make an effort to revoke a Bylaw or amend it.  That's how the process is meant to work.

Just below is the first page of our Association Bylaws.  To read or download a copy of our current Bylaws, click or tap this link.  You will see the Bylaws displayed in a PDF format.  You can download them if you wish.  If you run into any problems with this, call FMDA HQ or email us.

FMDA Bylaws 2019 first page.jpg

There are 23 pages of Bylaws.  This latest version of our Bylaws was amended in September 2017.  For instance, our Purpose (as an Association) was reduced from 14 line items to 4 line items.  We might want to reconsider that based on FMDA's lack of appeal to younger Marines.

The version of our Bylaws that was amended in 2017 had itself been amended in 2014 so there's assuredly nothing all that "sacred" about a set of Bylaws.  What is sacred, though, is this: the Bylaws in force at a particular time must absolutely be followed from A to Z.  No shortcuts.

We who must function in accord with current Bylaws from day to day have become aware that some language must be altered (made less ambiguous) in order to steer clear of legal problems that can emerge from inaccurate readings of certain items.  We ought to begin doing this now.



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