FMDA "belongs" to thousands of members past, current, and future.  If you are a First Mar Div Marine (or are eligible to join by having served in a support role, etc), we current members say, "Welcome Home."

There are two options available for you to join FMDA.  The first is on-line and the second is by choosing the option to download and print the application form, filling it out, and then mailing both it and a check to us.

We invited you to complete the application below, then click (or tap) SUBMIT, then either send a check for the designated amount or call FMDA's office and provide your credit-card information to June or Dennis.

Note: we're working to incorporate an on-line payment option with PayPal but have not yet finished the process of getting that done.  We expect to have that option available to you as soon as we are able to get it on line.

 NO PAYPAL OPTION AT PRESENT can download the application form, complete the form by filling out what is required, then send your form and check to our office.  The choice is up to you.  Either method will get it done.  Welcome Home.


Based on the information you provide by filling out the application form, we enter it into our data base here at the FMDA office at Camp Pendleton.  Not to worry; we absolutely do not share or sell any of your data.

There are five (5) classes of FMDA members––(1) LIFE (under 75) at $1,000 and (2) LIFE (over 75) at $150; (3) ANNUAL at $35 per year; (4) ASSOCIATE at $35 per year; and (5) FRIEND of FMDA at $50 per year.

FMDA Associate Members are those who served in support or attached roles from other military branches or who are spouses, children, or parents of a Marine who is eligible to join.  Questions?  Contact our office.

FMDA Friends of the Association have a close interest in our efforts and help to support our work to enrich the lives of our comrades and their dependents.  Many of them donate time and money to assist us.





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