The Marine Corps has three divisions.  Our 2nd and 3rd Divisions have fought with great and unrelenting courage and each has won its own share of glory.  Marines are Marines.  Always.  We are honored to call them brothers and sisters in arms.  We have their flanks and they have our flanks.  Always.

Marines fight with (and for) the Marines next to us.  We fight to earn their respect and to keep their respect.  That is what makes an elite military unit an elite military unit.  And so, we are always faithful to the pure obligations of our calling.  These obligations never end.  They bless us and unite us.

The historical time-line of each division can be interpreted in about as many ways as there are authors to weigh and judge what was done, how it was done, and why.  The books and accounts are voluminous and range far and wide.  Are they useful and valuable?  Well, yes.  And, well, no.


You are reading this on a desktop, a tablet, or a smart-phone of some kind.  With that in mind, why burden this website with historical photos and accounts (and accounts of accounts) when you can search out such info on the First Mar Div from unlimited sources in the cosmos of the internet?

The historical accounts of wars and battles are really no more than exercises of hindsight based on archives of reports of what took place back when "it" took place.  As time passes, what took place gets reconfigured into an interpretive array of stories.  Views and verdicts are rarely in accord.

After-action reports are meant to be objectively defined "play by play" reviews of what Marine units (a platoon or company, a battalion, etc) did.  But we who actually fought in the actions often felt such reports were oddly unrelated to our own sense of what we did.  It's just what happens to what happened.

First Mar Div Marines have been deployed, engaged in battle, or prepared to be deployed into a number of contexts from outright wars to humanitarian efforts.  The timing was what the timing was.  Each of us lived the historical time we inherited, a hostage of fortune.  Our service was what our service was.

Our Corps was founded and endures to subdue those we are sent to close with and defeat.  In the early 1970s, the fantastical mission of saving broken cultures from themselves was imposed on us.  This proved to be impossible, of course, but those in power who keep crafting the impossible are slow to learn.

When a fighting legion is ordered to become a soup kitchen and police force, the net effect is likely to insinuate a loss of focus on the nature of what is the USMC's overriding mission.  Our overriding mission is to smash and subdue those who attack America.  Listen up!  We. Will. Come. For. You.

Marines are at our best when we are unleashed to hit hard, move forward, move forward, and move forward.  No better friend, no worse enemy.  We are the best of each other.  That's our History.  That's our Destiny.  The Few.  The Proud.  The Marines.  Ooh-Rah!  Then.  Now.  Always.




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