You select the destination of what you donate (tax-free).  What you donate goes to one of only two places: 1) FMDA's Scholarship Fund; or 2) FMDA's General Fund.  The choice is yours.

The FMDA Scholarship Fund was separated from FMDA and functions with its own board and Bylaws.  Note: the Association does provide some admin help that is spelled out in FMDA Bylaws and FMDASF Bylaws.

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If you select FMDA's General Fund, then your contribution will go for "the needs of the Association."  The President and members of the Executive Committee will decide what those needs are.

Donate to FMDA General Fund

To donate, mail your check to:

First Marine Division Association

P.O. Box 9000, Box #902

Oceanside, CA 92051

Donate to FMDA Scholarship Fund

If you select FMDA's Scholarship Fund, then your contribution will go for $2,500 per-year awards to dependents of First Mar Div Marines who meet the standard set forth in FMDASF's Bylaws.



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