We invite you to contact us for any reason and on any subject that concerns you in regard to FMDA or the USMC.  The message you send will be received by our office at Camp Pendleton, by President Jerry Johs, and by FMDA's web grunt, Jud Blakely.  It won't fall between the cracks.

Here's what will happen: we'll send you a reply ASAP (and usually within a couple of hours).  As far as criticism, just keep a civil tone.  Manners count.  No civil tone, no response.  No whining and no griping.

NOTE: your message can be as long as you decide your message ought to be, which is old news to many of you.  But using a computer (or tablet or smart-phone) to send a message is likely to be unfamiliar to many more of you; therefore, we figured this "heads up" was a good move.

Thanks! Message sent.



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