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Our next big event was to be the 73rd Annual Reunion that we planned to hold in DC from 14 August to 23 August 2020.  Of course, we had to cancel that Reunion due to Covid lockdown protocols.  At present, we've made a "provisional" plan to hold a Reunion in 2021.  But that Reunion is also not likely to happen.  


So far, only 20-some members (plus wives and guests) have signed up.  The total attendees would be less than 50.  That equates to a "No-Go" for the Reunion.


Out of roughly 3,000 members of FMDA, less than one percent have signed up to attend.  That falls dramatically short of the number we (FMDA) must have.


In order to hold a successful reunion, we need 400-some members and guests to sign up and show up.  Other than an act of divine intervention, I see no chance for FMDA to create 10-times more sign-ups than we have now.  What I'm dealing with is $40,000 in our account.  That's enough to meet office costs for 3 months.


To me, the responsible thing is to inform you of where we stand and let you vote (informally) on what we (FMDA) should do.  We'll have no money in 90 days.


None of what I'm saying here is breaking news.  Our Association has been aging out for a couple of decades now.  We got older and older, and we didn't recruit the younger 1st Mar Div Marines to renew FMDA, to re-establish it, and to take over from us in years to come.  As a result, we have arrived at the end of the trail.


The Association will have a new President in August.  I won't impose on him the burden of telling you then what I'm telling you now.  Semper Fi, Marines.           


26th Marines Association annual reunion will be 30 September to 04 October 2021 in San Diego, California. 


26th Marines members or attachments from all eras—Iwo Jima to now (Regiment, MEU and supporting units from all Divisions)—are welcome. 


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or call Sonny at (512) 825-4730


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