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Welcome.  Semper Fi.  FMDA was born in 1947.  At present, we have about 4,000 listed members but we aim to bring in many more from those who served during the post-Vietnam years no matter in what role or where.  As Marines, we go when and where we must.  Orders are orders.  Serving is serving.   


For many of these younger Marines, our members can be a unique source of help with regard to jobs or interacting with the VA or coping with the often insidious mental and emotional cost of having served, etc.  Our bedrock value lies in helping each other.  Can time passing drain our resolve to help?

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"Waltzing Matilda"

"Waltzing Matilda" is the unofficial anthem of the First Mar Div born from our stays in Australia in 1942 before Guadalcanal and 1943 after Guadalcanal.  For our WW2 brothers, this song evoked an everlasting chord of kinship with those down under who were like a big family with odd ways.  Aussies are #1.

Known as The Old Breed, the First Marine Division has fought in (and been posted to) "every clime and place" since we were activated in early 1941.  We've earned a proud record but being victorious in combat has a fierce, unyielding cost.  Our bonds were forged in the sacrificial fires of such combat.

Having paid their share of that price, our long-time members are ready and willing to assist new members who have also paid their share of what it costs to serve as a Marine or serve in support of us.  We are Brothers and Sisters.  We enrich each other.  Each Other.

If FMDA is to shape a future that is significant, we must return to the healing and benevolent focus of the past.  Our Bylaws don't define our purpose that way.  Instead, just socializing "in honor of the Corps" is the first of four definitions of our purpose.  Are we not better than that?


So...with blunt candor and utter transparency, FMDA must Regroup and Adjust and Rebuild in order to more effectively Enrich the lives of both current and future members.  This is a challenge that we've left unattended for many years.  We must address it right now.  And "right now" is today! 


We've been searching over the course of many months to find the most expedient ways to grow and reenergize FMDA.  Our challenge is urgent and daunting and  crystal clear: to bring in waves of younger folks ASAP.  The fact is, we are doomed if we don't, as in DOOMED.  Period.

Regroup.  Adjust.  Rebuild.  Enrich.  These are the watchwords that FMDA (all of us) must embrace and carry out if we hope to reenergize our appeal and rise to the huge challenge we face.  The alternative is, we keep on "aging out," stay locked into a spiral of decline, and expire.

Are these observations a surprise?  How could they be?  Our circumstances are about as subtle as a neon sign: younger cohorts of Marines fail to discern the value in FMDA that we ourselves no longer seem willing to define and share with them.  Even so, I hope I'm wrong.  But...

At present, there's no chance of passing the FMDA "Torch" to a next generation of leaders.  The reason is, no next generation now exists within our ranks to accept this torch.  So, if we don't recruit them ASAP, then FMDA will be as dead as Disco in the near future.  As simple as that.