Semper Fi.  Welcome.  FMDA was born in 1947.  At present, we have about 4,000 listed members but we aim to bring in many more from those who served during the post-Vietnam years no matter in what role or where.  As Marines, we go when and where we must.  Orders are orders.  Serving is serving.   


For younger Marines, our members can be a unique source of help with regard to jobs or interacting with the VA or coping with the often insidious mental and emotional cost of having served.  Our bedrock value lies in bonding with each other and helping each other.  We are always faithful.  Semper Fi.

This Welcome page is really more a "landing" page to acquaint you quickly with the contents of the website.  You can access the links below by choosing the same pages in the main navigation menu but here you can scan a display of some of the most visited pages, then click or tap the page that interests you.

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You will find a few more pages in the navigation header at the top of every page but the graphic links above may provide you faster access to what you are trying to locate.  If you are a younger Marine just checking out the site, please take a good look at how to create a chapter on the Form A New Chapter page.



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